Whats in the box?

Each box contains 5 items with at least one from each of the below categories. Items are selected to ensure you are always getting a discount on retail value for the products in the box.

Self care

When will I receive my box?

Orders will ship within 3 days after they are placed. You will receive a tracking number via email when your box ships. Domestic shipping time is usually 3-5 business days but can be slightly delayed right now with Canada Post due to COVID. 

Can I pick whats in my box?

Our boxes are assembled based on the supply from our local partners. We do offer custom wholesale orders and if this is something you're interested please contact us at hello@nayborly.ca

What about my allergies?

If you are concerned about your allergies please reach out to our service team at hello@nayborly.ca and we will see what we can do to help. 

How are you ensuring the safety of these boxes during COVID?

Our team practices social distancing and frequent handwashing while handling any product. We are following the best practices from our local authorities to ensure the safety of our team and customers during these tough times.